Monday, June 20, 2011

Steamboat Springs, CO. Triple Crown Magic Mountain Tournament Champs!

Triple Crown Mountain Magic Tournament
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The Dawgs traveled to the beautiful town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a great tournament! We played 7 games in three days. The first two games were held in Craig, CO. and the remainder of the games were held in Steamboat. The Dawgs played hard and crushed their opponents. They more than 10 ran each game!

Nick at bat

Tyus at bat

Keyne at bat

Jens leading off third base and looking to score.

Mason pitching

Colton pitching with Tanner on first

Colton on first base

Devin rounding third on his way home with a home run!

After the games the boys had fun swimming and relaxing in the hot tub.

One of the days we took the tram up the mountain side to ride the Alpine Slide. The baseball diamonds were right at the base of the mountain. We had the scenic view of the slide, the mountains and trees, the Olympic ski jump where they practice and the Yampa River. I could watch baseball there EVERYDAY!

Keyne on his way down....

Mason on his way down....
and Riley.

Nick at pitch

Tanner on third

Nick on first
(Look at how great our backdrop was!)

Riley at bat

Keyne pitching

Cooper pitching

Keyne at bat

Jens at bat

Mason at bat

Cooper at bat

Riley at bat

And Riley leading off first

A hard hit ball came out to left field. Mason quickly got it and threw it in to try for an out.

Devin and Keyne

Mason going after another outfield ball

Jens at bat

Sunday, June 19th --- the middle to end part of JUNE and YES.... it was that COLD

Devin at pitch

Sam pitching

The Dawgs won the championship game!

Congratulating the opposing team.

They trophy ceremony

Winning this tournament qualified us to play in the Triple Crown World Series!
Way to go Dawgs!